The Pain Toolkit Quiz
Pain Toolkit Quiz

Welcome to the Pain Toolkit Quiz

A fun, friendly way of improving self pain management skills

The Pain Toolkit Quiz is friendly way to test your knowledge about the Pain Toolkit and also what you know and remember about pain self-management and learning to live with pain.

It really is a simple and above all a fun way to learn and improve your own pain management skills and to develop your very own self-management plan. Have a try and see what you think.

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Pete Moore, Pain Toolkit Author

An introduction to the quiz from Pete Moore

I think you will agree with me learning about pain self-management can be boring and the Pain Toolkit Quiz is a nice way for you to see what you know or don’t know and then test your knowledge.

It’s also an opportunity to offer you more pain self-management support if useful. Good luck with the quiz!

Healthcare Professionals & Patients

Useful for both patients and professionals

Why is the quiz useful to both and how it can benefit?

Within the Pain Toolkit it talks about teamwork. As within any team, everyone needs to have the same knowledge and skills to be successful.

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