The Pain Toolkit Quiz

Learning pain self-management doesn’t have to be boring or lets make it fun...

Pete say's...The quiz is simple and fun to do, but here are some handy tips.

  • Before answering the questions, can I suggest you read through what the experts say as this will help you decide which question is correct.
  • Have a think about what the expert has said about that particular question.
  • Within the explanation, there are hyperlinks to more information and suggest you click on them and take a look for more useful information.
  • One or two of the questions can have two answers.

Put together by industry professionals and experts in pain management, the quiz can help you manage and come to terms with your pain...

When you have finished the quiz you can see how you scored and see what you need to brush up on. I can see how you scored as well and if you need it or want it, I can signpost you to extra information.

I’m a great believer that when we have the right information, we can increase our confidence to self-manage our pain and begin to live life to the full again.

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The Quiz
Learning to manage your pain can be frustrating which is why we have tried to make it fun with this easy to use quiz.