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#5 Setting goals and action plans

Tuesday PM - I write an activity plan for next day.

So to avoid this happening set yourself, simple, realistic goals or action plans. Just as you need goal posts when playing football, or a finishing line when racing - you need something to aim for.

Perhaps, you could set yourself a simple hourly, daily or weekly action plan. Always ask for help from your health care professional if you are not sure. You can also learn more about setting goals and action planning when you attend a self management programme (SMP) - See below for more information for attending an SMP class.

Self Management Programmes (SMP)

These are run in the community by highly trained tutors who also have health conditions (including pain) themselves but have learned to become good self managers. SMP’s are run by Arthritis Care called Challenging Arthritis and the Expert Patients Programme.

What The Experts Say

Pete Says:
I remember reading something many years ago that said, "If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re unlikely to get there." This made a lot sense to me. Setting goals and making action plans was really important to me, as the helped me move forward. View the video here for more about setting goals and action plans.
Frances Says:
helping the mind to have easy, enjoyable goals and plans, helps it be less upset, anxious. It can see progress in small and big ways. So tick off the goals as you do them step-by-step. This builds confidence and helps to lessen pain and improve fitness and then "you can do" things just more of the time and differently.
Bronnie Says:
Think about the direction you're going in before you set your actions. Make what you do build towards being the kind of person you want to be. Actions are great because they're specific things to do, so you can say "yes, I did that" or "no, I didn't". It’s great to review your progress each day and ask yourself "what did I do well?" and "what would I do differently?".
Linda Says:
I attended a Self Management Programme over six weeks and each week participants were asked to set a goal to achieve by the following week. I've since got into the habit of setting goals as it helps me consider where I want to be and track my progress.
Mike Says:
Goals enable people to see that they are heading in the right direction. It’s helpful to have goals that match what is important to you. Here's an excellent video about having goals and values in life.
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