The Pain Toolkit Quiz

#1 Accept that you have persistent pain and then begin to move on

Acceptance is the first and the most important tool in your pain self management toolkit.

Acceptance is not about giving up but recognising that you need to take more control with regards to how you can better self manage your pain.

Acceptance is also a bit like opening a door - a door that will open to allow you in to lots of self managing opportunities. The key that you need to open this door is not as large as you think. All you have to do is to be willing to use it and try and do things differently.

What The Experts Say

Pete Says:
Acceptance is I think the most difficult tool in the toolkit. Is was for me back in my pain days. But once I accepted pain was going to be an unwanted visitor in my life, things started to change for me. I stopped doctor/therapy shopping and began to take on board the pain management skills I'd learnt on the pain management programme and haven’t looked back since. View the video here for more about acceptance
Frances Says:
it is tough being asked to accept something like pain. It is exhausting, frustrating and fearful to keep fighting it or searching for a cure that does simple not exist. We now know that by accepting pain is with you is more helpful, kinder and have less stress. It puts pain into the back seat of your life as you get focused on your goals and life journey with more energy, support and kindness. It turns out you experience less pain and have a better kind life. The future will bring more treatments to shrink it but right now there are no new options and self managing it with kindness and confidence is number one option.
Bronnie Says:
Acceptance begins with recognising that there are important things you want to do and be in life, and that it's worth letting go of trying to be the “old” you so you can begin to develop the "new" you.
Linda Says:
I'd experienced episodes of pain with my hip on and off for many years. After a fall in Spring 2014, I fully expected things would settle again and found it difficult to accept when this was not the case. Why was this happening to me when I’d always led a reasonably healthy and active lifestyle? Acceptance of the situation was the first step in my journey of self management and enabled me to take back control of my life.
Mike Says:
Acceptance begins with a conscious choice to let go of unproductive thoughts and ideas so that you can turn a corner and begin to move forwards. After all, nothing changes if nothing changes! Here’s a helpful video about acceptance.
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