The Pain Toolkit Quiz

#12 Keeping it up. Putting in to daily practise, the tools from 1-11

You maybe asking yourself do I have to put these tools in to daily practise? “What every day?”. The simple answer is YES!

Just as the person with diabetes has to take their treatment/ medication and maintain their diet daily, your treatment is planning/ prioritising, pacing, setting weekly or long term goals/ action plans, relaxation, exercise, generally keeping active and being in charge of your pain.

Keeping it up is difficult for many people but its not as hard as you think once you have set yourself a routine - just like brushing your teeth, self managing your pain will become a habit. Get others involved and make self management fun.

What The Experts Say

Pete Says:
Managing pain is like learning a new skill, like learning to drive a car or a new language. We will need to practice our new pain self-management skills and keep an eye/ear out to learn new ones. View the video here for more about tool 12.
Frances Says:
Managing everyday many different ways to deal with pain is quite tough; so it may help to ask your self, "what is kind and caring today to manage me and the pain" and practice the most useful skills and tools that day until as people say it is just part of the "real me" and not the "pain of me". Give yourself a pat on the back or a kind supportive word to help the journey of your life.
Bronnie Says:
When you do the same thing over and over, eventually you forget you needed to learn it once (remember learning to clean your teeth?) Motivation gets you started, habit gets you there. Good habits are just as hard to break as bad habits (Robert Pullar).
Linda Says:
It's easy to get complacent if your pain levels improve but I've found out to my cost that comes back to bite you! Keeping things going will help minimise setbacks.
Mike Says:
Once you've thought everything through, change can be easy. However, maintaining that change on a daily basis is challenging. Effective self-management is a skill that, like any other, requires ongoing practice. Practice doesn't make perfect but it does make consistence. Here's a story about living with pain.
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