The Pain Toolkit Quiz

The Pain Toolkit Quiz if for both Healthcare Professionals and people who live with persistent pain...

Pete says... I think we all know most pain management can be...well lets be honest, it can be quite boring so I came up with the idea of a quiz to make it a bit more fun to learn more about pain management information.

Surprised its for healthcare professionals as well? Well don’t be as they need to improve their skills. Pain self-management in recent years has become a hot topic.

With the help of pain self-management experts, the Pain Toolkit Quiz features questions about general pain self-management and the tools within the Pain Toolkit...

Pete says... I thought it would be useful to get others take on what pain self-management means to them, so I asked a variety of people to contribute.

I have always been a strong believer that to self-manage pain, its always useful to get others ideas as it means to them. I know when I’m running Pain Toolkit workshops I go around the room and ask for example, what does pacing mean to them? I’m always surprised how many varied answers I get.”

Managing pain is all about teamwork. From a patients prospective, its not all down to you to come up with the answers. But this is really important to remember, its now all down to the healthcare professional either. We have a work together as a team

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